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I help female entrepreneurs ‘DIY’ their online business.

Create something that’s yours. Build your team.

Be that boss.

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You’ve decided to become an entreprenuer …Now What?  The #1 reason we give up on starting that business or blog is lack of time and money.  Hey, I’ve been where you are, which is why I’m confident thebrassyboss.co can help!

Do you want to ‘DIY’ your dream business?


1:1 Coaching to help you with starting your business. Set a timeline, budget, and processes etc. to get started.


My Signature Business Courses designed for aspiring entrepreneurs on limited funds and time. Join the movement to start your empire.

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My hodge-podge of services for every stage of your business from Web Design or Marketing to Copywriting and SEO.

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You’ve been thinking about leaving your soul sucking 9-5!

You want to create something that’s YOURS!

You want to be the boss of your own life and empire.

You want to hire and inspire those that support your mission.

You want to have the financial freedom.

You’re not afraid of putting in the hard work.

Definition of brassy

a: shamelessly bold; audacious, wise, sassy


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