hold on to this moment. The moment you decided to start living for you.
WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO ACHIEVE IN LIFE? HAVE YOU STARTED REACHING TOWARDS THAT DREAM? ARE YOU LIVING AS YOUR BEST SELF, FOR YOU? if you are like me, you probably spent a great deal of your 20s doing everything you thought you were supposed to do. You went to college (got in debt) started a job because…well…you needed a job, then one day you woke up and thought, how? How did I lose my way?


welcome to your midi-life crisis

Hey! I’m Shannon Gurulé, founder of thebrassyboss.co. A long time ago I thought I knew excatly what I wanted out of life. I Even though things didn’t always go exactly according to plan, for the most part, I was on what I considered to be ‘my path’ until, well, life took more than the unexpected turn here and there and completely flipped a 180. I was lost, sad, and overwhelmed, but determined to create a life I love! Which is why I decided start my own business. This brought so many great things to my life, but more importantly it helped me realize how many women there are like me  who have need a help! Which lead me to becoming a life Coach! Now if you are joining me because you’re experiencing something similar. Don’t hesitate. Sign-up for a free success call, I want to hear what’s going on! 



I’d love to hear from you! Even if it’s just to vent!

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