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You’re here because you’ve come to the realization that starting an online business is like…really hard. No. Fo’ Real… it’s equally one of the most rewarding and agonizing processes you’ll ever endure. But endure it you will…because you have decided you want something that’s YOURS. That’s just what having a business is, something that you create, you pour your heart and soul into, and barring anything crazy, it’s yours. 

But as I said, it does not come easy…or cheap… but if you are DAMNED DETERMINED, and willing to put in some work, it doesn’t have to be budget-busting. 

I’m all about finding ways to start successful businesses on a dime, and if that sounds like you as well, I’m here to tell ‘DIY’ is your friend and I’m going to teach you how. 

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Shannon G.

just a few of my favorite things…

I want to help women…

go for it…

Gain the confidence to finally start their online business.

Build mission-driven business that’s theirs.

Be able have financial independence.

Motivate others to do the same.

Learn to build their empire of brassybosses.

Be an independent go-getter who creates her own path.


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