Update: This Post no longer has access to the Website Layout Templates. However, the video tutorial is still available and will walk you through how to create your awesome layouts!

Hey, we all know that Canva has pretty much been dominating the online content creation world for the past few years, especially for bloggers. With all the awesome features, it’s definitely easy to forget the practical things it can be used for. Creating website layouts with Canva is so easy, and can be a lifesaver!

What are website layouts you ask?

Well, simply put it’s something that looks like this: And basically it is an interactive design or ‘mockup’ of what your real website would look like.

Cool, but why do I even need a layout?

Well, there are three primary reasons I’m advising you to create a layout of your site:

Put your vision to paper: I’m sure you’ve been pinning websites that you like ever since you decided to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. Therefore, I’m assuming you might have a very vague idea of how you’d like your site to look, well putting it all together in a mockup will not only help you with conceptualizing your vision, but it will also help keep you motivated!

Stay on brand:  If you haven’t read how to create your mood and brand board yet via Canva, you can find that here! Your website is the next phase of your brand, your calling card if you will, so you need to make sure it’s lining up with everything else!

Fast-track the actual design process: So this is like essential, by taking a day or two to mockup your site you could save yourself weeks of delays, headaches, and potential frustrations. The mockup process is the perfect time to try out that font or color combination, see what’s pleasing to you, and test it out with some people in your target market! If those three things aren’t enough to motivate you, well maybe learning that you can do this for practically FREE will be! Now, I say practically free because depending on if you want to use custom fonts outside of what Canva already provides (which is a lot), you may have to upgrade to their Canva for Work account, which averages at $12.95 a mo. If you think you’ll use Canva regularly in your business, you might want to consider making the upgrade.




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