Hey There! So maybe you’re like me. At least I hope you are. Because that means that you have a fire inside of you that you that can’t be put out. You want to have something more, you want something that is yours. An online business could be exactly what you need to stoke that fire, but maybe you’re also like millions of other women who are plagued by fear of success and/or failure.

One of the things I feel like holds women back and prevents us from getting to that awesome feeling of being a bad-ass entrepreneur is the fear of costs. I hear women saying all the time,

“It would cost too much money and time.”

If you’re reading this and you’ve previously had that mindset, well, as a ‘DIY’ online business maven, I’m here to tell you that this mindset is absolutely wrong. In fact, starting an online business has never been easier and more affordable if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work in the beginning. !

So what are you waiting for?

Online Business Ideas

Here are 5 Online Business Ideas with Virtually Nonexistent Startup Costs:

1.Virtual Assistant

Do you like helping people get organized and actually get things done?

Then maybe you should consider working as a virtual assistant. Quite literally all you need to get started is a computer and website. Easy. You could be making money in a week. Listen running a full-time business is really hard for some, and as long is there things that people don’t want to do like I don’t know scheduling client follow up calls, Data Entry, or editing videos…Virtual Assistants will be in demand.

The location independence is what makes this online business so appealing to many. Dreaming of working on beach in Thailand? This might be the job for you.

Return on Investment: $20 – $100/hr.


  1. Ecommerce/Graphic Design


Having an online store does not mean you have to sell physical products. Ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads make it super easy for you to sell digital things like templates, calendars, printables, logos and more. Integrate it with your blog or website and there you’ll have regular customers!

Spend your free time tapping into your creative side making cute  printable for other businesses!

Again, designing your own website is definitely the way you’ll want to go if you’re not intending to sell on a popular e-commerce sites like Etsy.

Pros of this are keeping all of your branding and your profits (no etsy seller fees), and you will have customers that are truly committed to your brand.  However, that does mean you won’t get the promotion and marketing integration that etsy comes with.

Return on Investment: $500+/mo



  1. Social Media Manager


Don’t be fooled by the words “Social Media” in the title, it’s much more than just scheduling posts with hashtags every day.

Social Media Managers are strategic assets to the business in a world that revolves around a brand’s influence. Yes, you’ll spend a good deal of time scheduling posts, but you’ll spend more time trying to tune into your client’s target audience and how those posts will increase their product or service sales. You will dive into data analytics, marketing tactics, copywriting, and much more.

In many ways, it’s the perfect blend between creativity and business strategy.

An online business as a Social Media Manager means you’ll have the freedom to work with clients from anywhere you’d like. Like any freelance business, building up your own brand and client following is just as important for you as for your clients.


Return on Investment: $50 – $500/hr


  1. Web Designer


Of course my personal favorite.

Many people are under the strong misconception that you need to have a degree in Computer Science, Software Development, or Graphic & Web Design. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The first thing to understand is that Web Design is not the same as Web Development. The second thing, is that nearly 60% of Web Designers have no advanced (4-year) degree.

Web Design is considered more of a trade now and as long as you have the determination to learn the necessary skills on your own, freelancing as a web designer can be a rewarding online business to start.

Read about how I started my online web design business for less than $300.00.

Return on Investment: $50 – $200/hr

  1. Copywriting

If you don’t know what copywriting is, then you simply need to look at every facebook ad you’ve ever seen. The words that are being communicated to you aren’t just simply slapped on the screen, they are strategically written to draw in a brand’s particular target audience so they will purchase their product or service.

In essence ( and in a very remedial way) that’s what copywriting is.

Being able to effectively communicate to your target audience is one of the most sought after skills in online businesses, given that so many people struggle with using the English Language in a persuasive way.

Return on Investment: (Depends on if PT or FT): $3,000 – $100,000 year.

Are you interested in starting your online business but want to “DIY”

Guide to Starting Your Online Business


I'm Shannon Gurulé, I'm a Certified Life Coach, SHRM-CP, and Creative Entrepreneur! I help quarter-life millennial women find their way with life, business, and career coaching!

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